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Two bedrooms are available

(one with a double bed, the other with a

double bed and a pull-out bed) as well as

a sofa bed in the living room

for 4 to 8 people

Private garden, with a direct view of the grazing animals, and the large fish pond (but also salamanders and other small amphibians!)

Bathroom with a large shower (with a view), WC, and a sink.

Wastewater is treated in phyto-purification.

In the kitchen, you will find an oven, gas or electric hobs, a fridge and a dishwasher.

Some basic products, as well as crockery.

In the living room, a few tourist magazines, novels, board games, but no television! We can lend you bikes, or organize a short sulky ride with a pony.

We can accommodate your horses for a hike, or to take advantage of the sand quarry of Fontainebleau to train for the Olympic Games.

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